Weather here in the midwest has been particularly annoying. Windy, rainy, low ceilings. No one has been flying. So instead I got a few ground schools in and some sim time.

Midwest helicopter Instrument rating

Unfortunately I haven’t had a ton of free time but I am reading and re-reading this work of literary genius:

I’ve been sitting on a lot of planes lately – trying to read and pay attention to what we’re doing in the air.  It’s pretty cool to track the plane on foreflight.  Amazingly enough we track on victor airways and turn on VORs.  Crazy how that happens.

So on to the lesson.  The weather was garbage so instead of ground we decided to get some sim time.  The simulator at midwest is pretty cool.  It’s 3 huge screens and has a full instrument cluster / controls.

Grant threw the conditions into IFR and have me the brief rundown of what to do.  At first he left out any crosswind which was nice. All I had to do was point the nose of the aircraft into a specific radial and try to keep from porpoising / serpentine-ing (I don’t think that’s a word but it sounds better than swerving).  Anyway, I just tried to keep the aircraft pointed where I wanted, at the speed I wanted and at the altitude I wanted.  I didn’t do well but managed to find the airport.  He set up the same approach with a hefty crosswind and, well, I’ve done better.  It’s tough to fly in-trim and get to where you need to when every control input you make seems to amplify 1000 times throughout the helicopter.  Lordy.  It’s not simple.

He’d also give me vectors to follow as the tower would which was tough because he’d rattle off 3 or 4 commands while I was just trying to scan the instruments and remember where I was trying to go.  In short.  There is a lot going on and one mistake little mistake can turn into 20 pretty quick.

After an hour and 10 minutes I was done.

The big take away?

Get into a nice scanning pattern.  Spend 2 seconds on each instrument and move on.

At first I neglected or ignored the GPS.  Don’t do that.

Little corrections, tiny corrections, itsy-bitsy corrections.

Midwest Helicopter Simulator

2.4 hours as an instrument student…