Flight 38 and 39 – Night. I flew a helicopter at night! – Part 49

I started these two flights with 52 hours and ended it with 55.2.

Grant let me know it was about time we knocked out the 3 hours we need at night.  Living in the midwest the sun sets around 9PM in the summer so we waited until the fall to grab the hours.  It was a perfect night for it.  The wind was calm and it was clear.

I got there pretty early for no particular reason but I’m glad I did.  I watched the sun set for an hour and took my time preflighting the Mike Hotel.

Guimbal Cabri G2 Night

We decided to head up north to an airport that wouldn’t be busy to do a little work.  This is the first time I got to key the radio and see the lights flip on which is amazing on it’s own.

We then turned west to a more rural part of Missouri.  There was no moon that night so we were floating above inky nothing.  Pretty cool feeling.  We were heading to an airport that I haven’t been to before and should have been pretty quiet but there was another helo there doing some auto work at night.  He was an EMS guy that cleared out while we did our work, thank you anonymous helicopter pilot that let me be super cautious and slow.  I couldn’t imagine doing autos at night but I guess he had night vision?  Who knows.  After we did some work there we flew into KSUS.  There is an amazing steakhouse near the airport so I asked Grant if we could take a little break and grab some dinner.  We did and it was one of the better, more memorable meals of the last few months.  We had flown to an airport, borrowed a car and then had an amazing steak while we watched others drink wine. The water was refreshing though. We talked about some of the stuff I’d need to start for my oral and checkride and a few things I needed to improve upon.

Guimbal Cabri G2 at night KSUS

We headed back to the airport and gave the once over to the helicopter.  We jumped in, preflighted and took off.  We flew over St. Louis at night on the way to KCPS and I was blown away by the view.  I wish I could have more time to enjoy the view but had my hands full flying the helicopter.  It was an eye opener though.

We did the same thing a few nights later and it was just as amazing.

Guimbal Cabri G2 Grant Midwest