Flight 34 – Not the best day. – Part 47

I flew yesterday so today should have been awesome but it was not. I seemed to have forgotten how to do anything but sit in the helicopter. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was a bad night sleep or maybe I’m thinking about work to much but I’m starting with 45.7 and for the next 1.1 hours nothing really good happens.

Well, one good thing happens… I flew one of the new G2s with Aspen glass in it. It’s right under the EPM, you can make it out but I’ll get close shots of it next time I’m in that helicopter.  Basically the Aspen has everything you need all in one tiny little package.  Since I don’t want to talk about regression and how crappy my flight was I’ll mention what the Aspen has in it:

• Airspeed, attitude, altitude, turn rate, slip/skid, magnetic direction and vertical speed
• Horizontal situation indicator (HSI)
• DG and HSI pilot configurable for either 360 degree or 100 degree arc views
• HSI version provides full interface with navigation receivers



To be honest the flight wasn’t that terrible but I was making rookie mistakes and watching the video is painful so I’ll spare you the pain of watching it as well.  Grant and a few other pilots I spoke to said a little regression here and there is normal just make sure you turn it into a learning experience.  Here’s the learning experience. Don’t fly like a newb and when you’re having a bad day just shake it off…

1.1 hours go in the books that I wish I could (mostly) forget.