Flight 33 – Settling with power and Autos – Part 46

It’s been 2 weeks but I finally found some time to head up. I’m at 44.6 hours and the weather is perfect.

Between storms and work there hasn’t been much time but I Grand had a window for a quick flight. I’m rusty and want to work on autos and settling with power again.

To kick it into settling power we do a few laps to make sure we have a nice place to ditch if it comes to that then we climb to around 2000 feet.

We slow the heli to about 0 IAS then drop at a rate greater than 300 feet per minute. It’s an uneasy feeling and I don’t like it, the controls are mush and when you pull power, nothing happens. Ugh. Not awesome.

When we’re in it and Grant has proved his point we nose foward, lower collective, gain some speed and fly out of it.

For the rest of the flight we worked on autos. Nothing new there, just shaking off the rust. We called it after 1.1 hours which puts me at 45.7.