Flight 30 – Pattern work + studying for the written – Part 42

I have 41 hours and this flight wasn’t that interesting so I’ll write about studying for the test a little bit too.  I’ve registered to take the test in 1 week.  Yikes.

On to the flight.  I ran through the preflight, Grant in, I made 15 or so approaches.  I landed.  Wash.  Rinse. Repeat.  Takeaways?  Not too many on this one.  I need to get through 10 hours of solo time and this is the last of it.  I will miss being up in the helicopter alone but I’m looking forward to learning new things.  Those new things are awesome… settling with power and confined landings.

OK.  The written.  You sign something when you register to take the test that specifically states you will not talk about the test and what’s on the test so I WILL NOT do that.  I’ll talk about how I approached studying for the test which was to buy a few apps, the Far AIM and the 2016 ASA TEST PREP.  I also bought the AIRMAN KNOWLEDGE TESTING SUPPLEMENT FOR SPORT PILOT, RECREATIONAL PILOT, AND PRIVATE PILOT  FAA-CT-8080-2F.

The apps I bought were the Dauntless GroundSchool and the ASA PrepWare Private Pilot.

I bought an EB6 and a CX2 calculator.

I learned how to chart with the EB6 and do my fuel calcs with both the EB6 and the CX2.  I also learned how to do my weight and balance by hand and in the calc.

I started really buckling down about a month ago.  I took the practice tests, made flash cards and watched videos on YouTube.

When you start studying everything is new, completely confusing and horrible.  YouTube only helps so much.  Talking to other pilots or student pilots is EXTREMELY helpful.  The trouble is that I am traveling nonstop so… I rarely have the option to hang out at the school.  My iPad and books are about the only interactions I get with anything related to aviation so do yourself a favor and stick around the school as much as you can… if you can’t do that find other (student) pilots to talk to.  As much time as I spend in airports it’s hard not to go up to the commercial pilots and start asking them questions…

The Dauntless app is ok but you see the same questions over and over again, you begin to memorize the answers by repetition which is NOT what I wanted.  I wanted to actually learn the formulas and why clouds form at this altitude in these conditions.  I did not want to regurgitate.  I think I’m giving up on the Dauntless app and moving on to the 2016 ASA TEST PREP book.  It has all the same questions as the Dauntless app but it has more of an explanation that lead into the questions.  I’m also watching more and more videos on YouTube.

Specifically this video:

I have no idea how many times I’ve listened to Cindy talk about airspace.  I hope I run into her one day… I’m going to buy her a beer.

I’m getting 70% – 80% on my practice tests.  I still don’t understand parts of VOR and airspace but I’ll meet with Grant this next week and knock out as much as I can.

Anyway, I’m reading, reading, and reading some more.  I study about 2 hours a night and I’ve been doing so for about a month.  I’m working about 60-70 hours a week so I know I’m not retaining everything but at least my flying skills are sharp!  I really to spend more time studying but between the kids, work, the house and flying it’s a lot.  1st world problems.