Flight 24 – Nothing happened this time – Part 36

It was in the mid-90s, winds were calm and I was hoping for an uneventful flight. I have 31.5 hours.

The last couple flights were not what I was expecting but they did teach me a fair amount. First and foremost, if you have problems in flight address them quickly but not without weighing your options. Think. Rely on what you learned from your instructors and in class.

I have to admit I was a little nervous climbing back in, it had been 8 days since I was last up… I wasn’t doing myself any favors by sitting on the sidelines. My schedule at work has been brutal but a weather window appeared and I took it. I went through the pre-flight, tested my headset (made sure there was a spare headset within reach) and off we went. Grant and I took a couple laps then I dropped him off.

I made my call and muscle memory / training kicked in and I joined the pattern. My headset was working perfectly and everything felt good. The Guimbal had plenty of power and the wind was in a good spot coming right down the runway. The pattern traffic was really light so I spent the entire hour on nailing my approaches, staying in trim, staying right at 1000 feet, hitting the 1000′ markers, keeping the nose straight, etc.

All in all it was the most boring and longest flight I’ve had solo, no weird traffic issues, no headset issues, no nothing. Everything went as planned and I was thankful for that! I really really REALLY enjoyed the flight. It might have only been 10 laps around the pattern but it was 10 perfect laps around the pattern.

So, this might be the shortest post I’ve written but sometimes a flight just goes as planned and that’s fine by me. Another 1.3 hours in the books puts me at 33-ish hours. Awesome.

I think we might be going to another airport in 2 or 3 days. I’m looking forward to that. I love making a bunch right turns but… heading somewhere new is a welcome change. Don’t get me wrong if it’s a choice between flying a pattern for an hour or not flying, I choose the pattern. Anyway, I know the airport we are heading to and it will be a pretty awesome trip down there. I’ve been working on the flight plan and we’ll fly down along a bluff, over some rivers and land at an older airport with swamps at both ends of the runway. I can’t believe fixed wing guys land there, seems sketchy to me.

If you have questions of any kind get in touch here: http://flymidwest.com/contact/

Thanks to those who are getting in touch lately. It’s cool to hear from you.