Flight 20 – The good people in the tower + planning the solo – Part 32

It’s a little rainy, very little wind and I have 26.7 hours.

As soon as we got up it got real busy. We ran our normal approaches and while doing so the tower had their hands full, the dude keeping track of us was rattling off commands non-stop. You get to know their voices and this guy is on top of his game. All of them are good and they take care of us up there but he saved the day today… About 20 minutes into the flight the the tower advised another student that his landing gear was up, he was on final – final final. Damn. Good watching out tower, that guy was probably 200 feet AGL, maybe lower. I recall seeing the plane make the approach but I didn’t even think to look at his gear.

I’d like to get up there and see what it looks like in the tower but I’m guessing they don’t let many people up there.

I do my best to listen to all the traffic on the radio even the guys that are 10 miles out so I can figure out when they will be in the pattern but it’s tough. I’m concentrating so hard on what I’m doing it’s difficult to listen to the other traffic and figure out what they are doing. I know Grant is always looking out and VERY aware of who is doing what. He sees traffic way before I do.

Traffic thinned out for a bit so we did some autos and a couple 180 autos. A couple hover autos then we did a zero air speed auto. That felt super weird but very cool. My headset cut out for a second on a hover auto which is beyond annoying. I think I need to send them back. Grant says he can hear me when they cut out so at least I can transmit. In the video you can hear the helicopter noise but the radio just cuts out. It can’t be the helicopter’s comms because Grant wouldn’t be able to hear me. Weird.

Anyway, I asked if we could do some pick ups and set downs and they felt alright, very far from perfect but moving along.

We talked about soloing and what it’s going to be like. He mentioned that he wants me to take a ride with another instructor, it’s not required but he thought it’d be a good idea.

We ran a couple more laps then called it a day – another 1.1 hours brings me to 27.8 hours.

Overall I feel ready to solo but I’m looking forward to riding with another instructor to see what they do different. Soloing is in sight! I wonder when it’ll happen.