Flight 11 – Even more approaches and quickstops plus a max takeoff and an auto– Part 24

Weather was pretty clear, low winds and cool.  Perfect day.

I have 13.7 hours and I’m a little nervous after last flight’s -almost-but-not-really- mishap.  I know where I went wrong and looking forward to not repeating that.

So, radio calls are coming along.  No real issues there.

Normal approaches feel good, no issues there.  As long as you keep ahead of the guimbal and protect that torque from catching up to you at the end of the approach you’re solid.

Steeps are feeling ok.  No comment.

Throughout the lesson quickstop felt fine.  One or two gems and one or two that I’d like to forget but all in all I’ll give myself a solid C.  This is the 3rd lesson of getting into them and while I don’t have them down perfectly, they are coming along.

We did a max takeoff which is exactly like what it sounds, nothing earth shattering three.

The big highlight was the first auto in the guimbal.  I’ve been in the R22 doing a few with Grant but not the Guimbal.  The entry isn’t all that dissimilar than a quickstop.  You stick your airspeed at around 70knts, dump collective, left pedal then aft cyclic. After that you twist the throttle off with 2 big bites.  You manage most of the next 10 seconds with cyclic keeping yourself over the runway and managing your airspeed.  You add 1 twist of throttle at around 100 feet, then at telephone poll height you start flaring just like a QS then when you get closer to the ground another flare to fix the decent rate then you magically end up in a hover.  I don’t mean to sound unprofessional here but, WTF.  This seems dangerous.

I held my breath and questioned my life choices.

Ha.  I thought hovering was difficult.