Flight 5 – It was windy and hard to make right pedal turns. – Part 15

It was cold and windy, well, windy to me.  About 12 knots, 30 degrees and a low ceiling.  I started the lesson with 5.9 hours of flight time and it probably showed today.  The first 20 minutes were not impressive.  So much so that I’m thinking about editing the out some of the more embarrassing parts.  Nah, we’ll leave them in.

Anyway, here is how the flight went down.  As always we went through pre-flight and startup.  Nothing to report here.

After we got up in the air I felt slightly rusty.  It has been a week since I was last up.  Weather bumped us out of the running earlier this week.  The first approach was ok but I came in fast and pulled too much power, I’m also still late on right pedal input.  Takeoffs are fine, keeping it in trim is not a big deal and my turns are better.  The second approach was a hot mess.  I came in nicely but my I tried to shift my boot to feel the pedals better and all hell broke loose. I more or less got it wedged between the instrument console and the pedal.  We spun an unintended left turn while drifting aft and left.  Grant was right on the controls with me, had he not been things would have gone very wrong.  I don’t think I could have stopped where we were about to go.  Damn.  It all happened in about 2 seconds.  We ran another lap then Grant put us out in the grassy area to practice some hovers and pedal turns.

The hovers were fine-ish. Wind was coming from the west north west so Grant had me set the Guimbal into wind, then rotate 90 degrees so I’d feel the difference – north, south, east, west.  Each time I was surprised at how much cyclic it’d take to keep me were I wanted to be.  It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t the most delicate of flying.  I’d give myself a solid B-

After hovering around he had me on pedal turns.  As soon as we transitioned from north to east the tail would really catch the wind, same with east to south.  It was tough to keep up with but after 5 or 6 turns I could anticipate when it’d try to break free.

We spent maybe 15 minutes on hovers then ran a few more laps.  The approaches got MUCH better.  I was still over controlling the Guimbal but at least we were able to land within 5 feet of where I was aiming.  We tried a steep approach which avtually felt pretty decent too.